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Let's Start Healing

Nov 13, 2019

Mark Armstrong, founder of Ahimki Center for Wholeness in Roswell, Ga., joins the podcast. Dr. Mark, as he's known, has extensive education and training in holistic medicine, modalities and practices. Theinclude a Bachelor of Science in Ergonomics/Health Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara; Courses in moxibustion, acupuncture/acupressure, shiatsu, cupping, meridian therapy, medical terminology, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Dr. Mark discusses his healing work with clients in discovering how energy is moving in the body, and the cause of pain and ailments.

He founded the Ahimki Center for Wholeness in 1995. The name "Ahimki" is the combination of the Sanskrit word ahimsa (harmlessness toward life) and ki (universal life force); his mission statement says it all:

"Ahimki" is a word which symbolizes our commitment to honor the sacredness of all life, and our respect for the vital force that flows through all living creatures. We seek to teach and heal, and thereby express our love for Mankind, the Earth, and the Infinite Universe."

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