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Let's Start Healing

Jan 10, 2020

Shaheen Bharde, a native of London, who works as an Atlanta area neuromuscular therapist, and an aromatherapy expert to people coping with illness and pain, shares her personal trial in overcoming a cancer diagnosis. She describes the wounded healer that she became within herself as she connected with her fears, and the reality that she needed to slow down and take care of herself.

In conversation with host Adrianne Murchison, Shaheen also discusses her Muslim faith, giving ourselves permission to embrace sadness and deep emotional pain, taking care of loved ones nearing the end of their lives, and much more.

As a Board member and Public Relations Chair at Roswell Community Masjid (RCM), in Roswell, GA, Shaheen has forged new directions most notably forming strategic alliances and community assistance programs, organizing fund-raising events, and leading civil/social initiatives – setting the stage for groundbreaking outreach, during some of the most challenging of times. Shaheen also leads the charge on collaborating with local businesses and interfaith organizations to build bridges and facilitate knowledge development, while expanding institutional capability.

In addition, she has been involved with RCM’s education and operations committees since inception through evaluations, HR, fundraising and administration. She inspires confidence with Board members, communities, and program participants in educational, nonprofit, and for-profit environments alike, to drive results.


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