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Let's Start Healing

Dec 11, 2019

Sheila Bailey is founder of No Longer the Face Foundation, which supports survivors of abuse including domestic violence, joins the Let's Start Healing podcast.

In conversation, Sheila shares that she has worked through the trauma of being raped while serving in the U.S. Army, and leaving her marriage after years of experiencing domestic violence.

The Buford, Ga., native launched and named her nonprofit, No Longer the Face, after she embraced the fact that she was no longer the face of abuse.

Sheila has garnered great critical acclaim and audience response with her touching autobiographical trilogy, “Willow Silent Cries.” Her book provides an earnest, touching account of her life, her testimony as a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor. Her story, words and feelings resonate with many readers who connect with her situation.

Sheila’s book “Willow Silent Cries,” was the first literary piece to be inducted into Georgia’s Buford Museum as well as the Gwinnett County History Museum.

Sheila is the recipient of Atlanta’s first Woman On Fire Single Mom Award and Resilient Beauty Domestic Violence Advocate Award.

Her credit to the success of her life is her total adoration of God, the love of reaching back to the community, being sensitive to other’s needs and her strong desire to be more than just a name.

Sheila is a SURVIVOR, a woman that is an inspirational role model, fueled by passion and her inner strength to be the change and the empowerment for women.


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