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Let's Start Healing

Nov 1, 2019

Women's empowerment coach, Jaaz Jones, returns to the Let's Start Healing Podcast to discuss her chapter in the book, "Women Who Illuminate: A Collection of Illuminating Stories That Will Brighten Your Heart's Journey," published by Kate Butler Books. 

She shares how she navigated the extremes of her late mother's mental illness; their close relationship; the importance of a spiritual practice for our wellbeing; violence she experienced during childhood; and the importance of letting go of the story of past experiences that trap us. 

Jaaz and her daughter, Genia Hale-Jones, co-founded Mad Miracles, a women's empowerment organization. It was developed from their own education, experiences and years of training, studies, certifications and coaching intensives. Over the years, the duo has facilitated transformational workshops, seminars, retreats and training developments for a broad and diverse group of individuals, business and organizations. They are committed to transforming the world with love, one relationship at a time - beginning with “Self-Love.”

Visit the Mad Miracles website.

You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram:  @madmiraclesfanpage

Also, listen to Jaaz's preview appearance on Let's Start Healing Ep. 3.