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Let's Start Healing

Oct 25, 2019

Host Adrianne Murchison welcomes entrepreneur and b.e. decors interior decorator Lanada Chanel Duncan. She returns to the podcast to discuss how to overcome stress with self-care; and the medical scare that led her to make new life choices and experience a paradigm shift.

In her work, she has become passionate about supporting and empowering women to embrace their own approach to emotional wellbeing. 

Lanada started b.e. decors in 2015 and transforms homes and offices into peaceful living spaces that speak to her clients’ desire for ease and tranquility. Lanada’s creative niche relates to her personal journey to self-care and wellness.

In addition to peaceful living spaces, Lanada’s specialty includes She-Caves, which is offered under her inspiring brand, She-Works, She-Slays, She-Caves.

For more information visit Also follow @bedecors on social media.

Podcasts mentioned during this episode ‘The Live Coach School Podcast,‘The Model Health Show’ and ‘Let’s Start Healing Podcast’ Ep. 14.