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Let's Start Healing

Sep 16, 2019

Host Adrianne Murchison and her guests honor relationships with their mothers, as well as the spiritual connection that remains when they pass away. HeartMath is discussed.

Cheryl Phillips, author of the upcoming book “Lessons in the Storms,” shares a life-changing miracle that her mother experienced.

Jaaz Jones, co-founder of the women’s empowerment organization, Mad Miracles, and a featured author in the new book, “Women Who Illuminate: A Collection of Stories that Will Brighten Your Heart's Journey” discusses the continued relationship with her late her mother and lessons she learned during her mother’s battles with mental illness.

Native Californian Teresa Cuellar shares a lasting message that her mother imparted to her while growing up.

And interior decorator Lanada Chanel Duncan, of b.e. decors, shares how a weeklong road trip with her mother, interrupted by a major disagreement, was filled with more highs, fun and laughter than lows.

 Jaaz Jones

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 Lanada Chanel Duncan

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