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Let's Start Healing

Apr 6, 2020

Nicole Smith-Hall and her sister Andrea Smith started the 100 Masks Project after the outbreak of coronavirus in Georgia in March. Nicole is an educator and also a designer or women's beach wear. The line is called Charleigh Rocks.

Nicole says, "A part of Charleigh Rocks’ mission is to serve our community. We are joining many others in the global fight against this very serious virus by lending our sewing services. We have created a three-layer, washable mask made with water-resistant fabric to aid in providing some level of protection for our medical heroes against COVID-19.

"Please note that this is not the highly-sought after N95 medical mask. We merely joined the sewing community in answering the call of the medical community who so desperately needs these masks everyday."

She adds, "It is better alternative to bandanas, t-shirts, pollen / dust masks and masks make-shifted together from office supply products – as many of our medical professionals are unfortunately relegated to using right now."

Andrea, an Atlanta-based marketing expert, inspired Nicole to make the makes. 

At her firm, the ADS Agency, Andrea helps businesses in  marketing and branding by assessing their current situation and where they want to go, and then working with them to develop a uniquely suited plan that works.

Andrea was featured on Let's Start Healing Ep. 20.